Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vacation Series- In Transit

Yes, my faithful handful of loyal blog followers who actually care to read about my life, I am going on vacation. I will try to share as much of the experience as I can....
Destination: Turkey  and Greece  with stopover at Frankfurt

Day 1
The way to the airport is an adventure in itself. My lovely roommate, Christine, accompanied me on a 3-hour public bus ride to the airport. Yes, it is the same route that Gaby and I had taken last time in my entry about Chile. total cost: 3.25 pesos. 
We were fortunate enough to get seats, and my seat even had a cute little space that was just enough to accommodate my carry-on. aww....

I think my Aryan flight companions are getting a bit restless. There are 10 persons in line for the lavatory. Boy...I guess there is an advantage to being seated right up against the lavatory wall....I was able to go right before the line came.
Just watched "Cider House Rules". Oh dear, this is only 4 hours into the and I still have 9 hours to go....I am getting very antsy.
Asian man is knocked out asleep....the only one I've spotted on this flight so far. 哥們, I got your back.
Hmm, a bunch of tall young German fellows speaking German just went down the isle with cans of beer. "Gutentack" fair brother! 

As you can see, a bit of deep personal study is needed at this point to keep me from going insane.

just had a great night's sleep, what a blessing. And I was able to start up an interesting conversation with the girl sitting next to me, and thanks to Jehovah, I was able to casually mention that Satan rules the

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  1. awe TEEENI!!! you look like you are having so much fun!!! wish i could havebeen on that bus aaaaaaaaaand plane with you!!! ^_^ ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY and seize the day with you diet plan