Friday, June 29, 2012

Miscellaneous Happenings

Hola my dear amigos,

So much has happened since the last time I've written.
From most recent to the past:

Pioneer Meeting & Circuit Assembly  "Sanctify Jah's Name"

It was a truly special feeling to attend the pioneer meeting with the Argentine & Chilean friends!! One of the illustrations used during the pioneer meeting had to the with the growth of the koi fish. The bigger the body of water that the koi fish is placed, the bigger the fish will become. For example, if a koi fish was placed in a large tank, it might grow to be a foot long. However, if it is placed in a lake, it can grow to be 1 meter long. Likewise, the more we take advantage of the spiritual provisions given by the faithful slave, our joy for the ministry (the size of the fish) will increase.

I love this picture from Gaby's camera! Wish I was in it, but guess I was busy....this was taken at the pioneer meeting...  has a mix of the pioneers from Chile & Argentina.

Circuit Assembly....
I think the peak attendance was 200+. This year, most of the brothers from the Chilean Chinese congregation also came. 
 I had the privilege of being interviewed along with Bro. Liang at the recent circuit assembly about how we started and continued to pioneer (went to get a makeover the day before, just so I can look like a 007 heroine!)

 Reunion with our Chilean buddies:
We were able to have a parrilla with Boen & Christina, who came from Chile for the assembly.

 Susie's visit 
It was so lovely to receive a visit from home friends, Susie & May.
They were only here for a week, but we had a great time together!

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