Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

Hola friends,

Today is the first day of spring in Argentina...odd isn't it? The weather tells all- high's in the 70's (23C) already!
Some good news:

1. Ms.Chen, who I had written about in my first blog entry, just attended her first meeting this past Sunday. Actually, she lives literally around the corner from the Kingdom Hall. But since she barely speaks any Spanish, she doesn't like going outside. Anyway, last Sunday, I think she finally decided that walking half a block wouldn't be so difficult after all. I told her that she doesn't have to stay for the entire meeting, just for the 30 minute public talk. However, she stayed until after the meeting was over! She said she was very impressed by the warmth of the congregation. Several sisters already recognized her from being on her study, so they were all excited and happy to see her.
2. Noelia, a teenage girl, has been coming to my home to study the Bible. It's great having her here and learning to slowly draw her out.
3. Since August, I have a new roommate, Gabriela Lasso. She is a Latina from North Carolina, and we are having the time of our lives together! Just to illustrate the fun we are having- one of our neighbors complained to our building manager that there are 2 Americans laughing loudly all the time. We have tried to tone it down. Anyway, she's a blessing...I learn a lot from her.
Also, we have a new German missionary couple in our hall. They had served for 5 years in the Chinese congregation in Ecuador, and now are assigned to our congregation. They live right around the corner from Gabriela and me!
4. Liping, who is coming to all the meetings now, is also preparing for all the meetings! It's such a blessing to see her progress!
5. My mom is coming to South America for a month, so my next entry will be about our travels...