Monday, March 5, 2012

Zone Overseer Visit

Hello Friends,

This is a special write-up about the zone overseer visit from Brother Shepp, a Canadian visiting from the branch in Peru.
The event was held at a football stadium about 1.5 hours from Buenos Aires, in a picturesque town called La Plata.
Altogether, 85,000 people had heard the program on separate sessions held in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and here. I am not sure how many were in attendance yesterday.

The main focus of the talks was on the urgency of the preaching work.
A brief illustration I really enjoyed:
Imagine yourself visiting a construction site, and you meet one of the workers. You ask him how the work is going. He complains that it's too hot and there is just too much work to be done. You run into another worker and ask the same question. This second worker responds: "Just imagine when this construction site will turn into the first children's hospital to serve our community. Parents won't have to travel all the way to Buenos Aires to get treatment for their kids." He enthusiastically points to different plans he has on site.
Likewise, we can view our preaching work with negative spirit, saying that it's too hard to go door-to-door. Or, we can envision ourselves saving lives and working alongside with the people we preach to in the new world. It's all in the perspective.
Although only publishers were invited to this event, the elders from our congregation surprised Liping with the invitation to attend.

If you're wondering about the dress, yes, my mother brought it for me on her last visit. And yes, I love that it fits perfectly. A sister helped me with lengthening it so it hit right over my knee. I really think of my mom when I wear the dress. ;-)
Funny, I was wearing the dress in the morning around the house and accidentally tore the fabric of the lengthened part...good thing our lovely 75 yr. neighbor, Novka, from upstairs helped me fix it just before I had to leave the house at noon!