Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Limburg & Bethel

Day Two

Wow, I have never been through such an easy exit process. I am sitting here at the bullet train, and I had arrived half an hour early! No line! All went very smoothly, except the immigration officer who was looking at my passport was very stern. He asked me when my transfer flight to Istanbul was, and when I didn't hear him, he barked sharply, "WHEN? I ask you because you want to leave now, correct?" When I apologized that 
I didn't hear him and cracked him a lame smile, just from his face I knew that he didn't find anything funny, which made me think he was even funnier. Good grief, I am on vacation! Break a leg!

I made the silly mistake of forgetting that my check-in baggage goes directly to Istanbul....I had assumed that I would get to see it again in Frankfurt...grrrr. Guess I won't be able to give the sister my gift!

I have just entered the bullet train and I am just amazed at how clean and lovely it is...across from me are some businessmen, and they look quite intense with their work....I am pretending to fit in right now by intensely typing my blog on my IPAD.

3pm German branch tour!
Yes, I was picked up at Limburg Station coincidentally by a brother who had worked with Tom in the Mexican branch. I met up with Hilde, a sister I met in 2000, who also was acquainted with my grandmother. She arranged everything very well...I was able to shower, take a tour, have dinner, and associate with a circuit overseer couple within the narrow 4-hour time frame before being dropped back to the airport at 6pm.
Nicknamed the "terminator" tool, this techie device gives specific packing instructions via wireless technology, saving conveyor belt space!

Assembly / family study hall. Has live orchestra every Monday night!

On the way back to the airport, I had a mini tour of Bad Canderg, a small lovely town...

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  1. Do you know slowly Germany is becoming one of the top places I want to visit, can you believe it i actually have a place in europe on the top ten list?>