Thursday, November 3, 2011

South America Adventure!

Dear friends,
I just arrived to my apartment in Buenos Aires last Thursday, and before getting back to the service routine, I must share the wonderful experiences we've had on this vacation....
As usual- the highlights:

1. Chinese District Convention, October 8-9: amazing 2-day assembly where peak attendance was 554. Speakers from Chile and Paraguay participated. Brothers learning Chinese in remote areas arrived by bus or plane to attend.

2. Iguasu Falls & the Bird Park---- I actually strongly believe the Brazilian side of the falls is the most beautiful. The Bird Park is beyond belief... I really felt I was walking in paradise because all kinds of birds hopped around you like you were a fellow bird.

3. Need-greaters in Paraguay --- During our last night in Iguasu, we had dinner with 2 Korean brothers who are serving in Paraguay. Unfortunately, due to illness, their wives were unable to attend. One brother is serving in a Chinese group of 6 brothers, another is serving in a Korean group of also less than 10 brothers.

4. Need-greaters in Brazil
---- We were privileged to be taken care of by a Korean missionary couple who has been in Brazil for about 8 years. They are in the Chinese field.
Also, we stayed with a retired couple who spoke mainly Portuguese but was learning a bit of Chinese. We have heard several stories of how this retired couple use their resources to help Chinese people learn the Bible, in spite of their language limitations.

5. Copacabana!
This world famous beach is beautiful even in the dark!

6. Cuzco & Macchu Picchu
What an experience! In addition to exploring the wonders of the ancient Inca empire, our guide purposely passed some Kingdom Halls in the small towns between Cuzco & Aguas Calientes (the town closest to Macchu Picchu)

7。 Chinese Congregations in Rio de Janeiro & Lima
It was sooo encouraging to see the efforts of the local brothers in learning Chinese; both congregations are having Chinese classes. The spirit of the local brothers & their love for the Chinese is so touching!

8. Missionary home in Lima, Peru
It was a great blessing & privilege to stay at the missionary home....there are 12 publishers living here. We met a brother whose mother was one of the first Witnesses in Peru; also, 5 single sisters from North America who have been in Peru for 40 years, and 2 young Korean couples. It was lovely to experience daily life in the missionary home (and be on vacation at the same time, LOL)

See this link for more pics:
South America Adventure!