Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assembly groove

Hello friends,

Just wanted to report on our assembly.
Here are some stats:
Peak attendance: 331
Baptized students: 2
Countries represented: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, United States 

1. Again, the Chile Chinese congregation performed wonderfully for the drama this year. The main sister, who acted as the righteous Christian, was actually not from the Chinese congregation, but she was able to lip-sync perfectly to the recordings.
2. Both Christine and I had minor parts in the assembly, Christine as modern-day Martha, and me as the sister who can't informal witness.

3. On the way to the assembly, we met 2 sisters from Ikike, Chile, who are learning Chinese. Ikike is a small city where a missionary couple had been sent recently to start up a Chinese group. Anyway, one of the sisters had never left Chile before, let alone attend a Chinese assembly. Jehovah really makes sure that His message travels to the "most distant part of the earth", even for the Chinese field!
I also met a 14 year-old girl who just started learning Chinese. She took the plane up from Mendoza, south of Buenos Aires, with her mom to attend this assembly.
On the way to assembly, Ikike sisters behind me.

Lovely girl from Mendoza
Chillin' before the program starts

4. I met 2 sisters from Uruguay, who brought their Chinese Bible student for the first time to the assembly. Their Bible student, a young Chinese girl, had found the Witnesses through her husband. She had always wanted to learn more about the Bible. She has been studying the Bible in English with the sisters and making good progress. There were some complications in applying for a visa to attend this assembly since she has not received residency privileges. Fortunately, she received her visa just in time a a few days shy of the assembly.
With Chinese Bible student who traveled from Uruguay, and mom, of course

5. It was wonderful to welcome two new Chinese brothers, one in his 20's from Lomas, and another from Chile. Gaby and I met one of them, an older Cantonese brother, during our trip in Chile. He had studied for 6 years, and used to be an atheist.

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