Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last night near the Acropolis

Day 17
Tomorrow morning, I am flying out of Athens.
On a spiritual note, we were able to squeeze in two meetings with the Athens Chinese congregation and a visit to Bethel within the last five days. 
The Athens Chinese congregation is quite small but made up of very zealous publishers. Many Chinese people showed up on the Sunday meeting. The Greek sisters work very hard on their Chinese.

I had actually booked a nice hotel in a ghetto area, and I was really praying that we could safely make it home after the Wednesday night meeting. What an answer to my prayers when a lovely sister offered to take us home before the meeting started!

Today, tracking down Bethel was a bit difficult. It was located on a very busy highway full of office buildings. I thought I had the wrong address, but after half an hour of wandering around and asking, a kind man pointed us to the right direction. I don't think I was smart enough to decipher the mini map that the sister drew for me on the metro map.

I thought the circle on the top right meant a cul-de-sac, but finally realized it meant the large circular highway. Anyway, we finally found Jehovah's house and were given an excellent tour.

Cyprus. The red line is the border that Turkey made when it invaded Cyprus in 1947, displacing the local population and replacing it with Turkish, The border is diminished now and Greek-speaking brothers in the South are starting Bible studies with those in the North.
With Andreas, our English-speaking tour guide

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