Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chillin' in Chile

This is a very belated entry about our trip to Chile in January....
So I'll make it short & sweet:
1. 75cent ride to the airport: We were due to arrive at the airport at 5am, latest. We decided to give the public transport a chance....took us about 3 hours but was an interesting ride. Plenty of people board buses here throughout the night. There was a dad with his child on the bus telling his kid a "bedtime story" at 2am in the morning!

2) Crossing the Andes- Amazing views of snow-peaked mountains from our window....

3) Experiencing missionary life firsthand: We had the privilege to stay with Boen & Cristine Liem, a Dutch couple who speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese (!) The couple is a LOT of fun....we did shopping, cooking, preaching, eating....everything together. It was a wonderful experience!

4. Cantonese meeting
"Ming bok ma?" The Chile Chinese congregation hosts a meeting once every 2 months in Cantonese. We were able to attend one of these meetings, and there was quite a good turnout of Cantonese Bible students.

5. Betel de Chile
Staying with the Bethel family was definitely a highlight of our trip. Since it was a family of only 120+ people, a lot of people knew where we were from already...

6. Vine del Mar y Valparaiso
Finally, I got to tread in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.... then I realized that I really don't have a six-pack after all....

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