Monday, July 25, 2011

Rolling with Rosario

Keziah and I just returned from a charming visit to Rosario, a pretty city 4 hours away from Buenos Aires.

In addition to fruitful theocratic activity, our visit was filled with singing, dancing, and laughing until your stomach hurt. Our host family, the Pereyra's, were absolutely lovely and took great care of us.

The highlights of our 4- day visit were as follows:

1. Taking advantage of our ability to speak Chinese, the brothers drove us to preach in 7 Chinese supermarkets and 1 Taiwanese health products store. It might not sound like a lot to you, but most of the markets were in another city farther from Rosario, and the Chinese there had rarely spoken to Witnesses. We placed some magazines and tracts, and 1 Bible Teach book with a lady who was quite excited to know we were Bible teachers.
2. Keziah and I did a demo in Spanish during the Service meeting on Thursday, reenacting a real informal witnessing opportunity that had happened when I spoke to a neighbor.
3.. We had the opportunity to associate and have fun with some Haitian Bible students. This was quite special for me, because it was my first time to talk Haitian students. The kids we met had been in Haiti during the recent earthquake, and had endured unspeakable tragedy. We were especially touched when on one occasion, a young student expressed his gratitude because we gave him what he had left behind in Haiti, a feeling of home & family.
4. On Sunday, we had a cultural show, directed by Lalo, which consisted of Peruvian dancing, Chinese folk singing, Congolese music, and featuring 2 special performances by Lalo's neighbor, Marcelo. A Peruvian couple, Keziah, the Haitian students, and I were all in the show. We found out that we had unexpectedly given Marcelo a good witness; he was impressed by the love that thrived in the multiracial group.

5. Sunday evening, Lalo, Lili, Keziah, and I prepared "Chinese" noodles for the last gathering that day. That was hilarious- because I was the "chef" that day, and I felt like the blind leading the blind. The highlight of the evening was a great dance all the girls did together, based on the hit song Kuduro.

Lalo counted that we had met 29 people in the 4-day visit. The best part of the visit for me was the number of people we were able to encourage unexpectedly. I truly feel that Jehovah is always directing things behind the scenes!
Click on the image for our awesome dance video!

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